Every once in a while someone I speak to tells me a recipe they swear by and ask me to give it a shot, see how I like it. 

So I do. And some go into my MishtiBook and others, don’t. A few days ago I tried some classics that have been recommended to me a while ago. Plain barfi and chocolate barfi. 

I’m such a sucker for chocolate, I leapt on it like a panther! But oh, the sadness, when it didn’t work out :( Chocolate barfi is usually squishy soft with layers or swirls of chocolate and plain parts. Unfortunately it turned out dry and flakey and the taste was so intensely sweet. 

The plain barfi on the other hand was an amazing surprise. Texture soft, but firm enough to hold shape, taste was on point and the ingredients minimal and a healthier alternative! Thank you! You know who you are :)